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Dear Families,

Welcome to Bateen World Academy and our thriving school community!

Thank you for your interest in our top rated school located in Abu Dhabi.  We invite you to explore our website so you can gain insight into the love of life and learning that makes our school so special.  In addition to gaining factual information about our educational programs, we hope you also take away an appreciation of the relationships that develop between the diverse members of our community and how these enhance learning.

Established in 2011, Bateen World Academy is a co-educational day school for internationally-minded expatriate and Emirati families residing in the greater Abu Dhabi area. We are a family-oriented school, welcoming students from all cultures and religions. We aim to provide learning opportunities that appropriately challenge every child, allowing them to happily learn in a safe and caring environment. Our well-qualified staff endeavours to utilise the best pedagogical practices to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for success both inside and outside the classroom.

At BWA, we pride ourselves on offering a strong, varied educational program that challenges students to excel in their learning as they grow and develop as creative, committed people of character. Our extensive program offers opportunities for students to engage in a wide variety of opportunities that help to nourish individual potential and inspire each of us to do our best.

The curriculum is based on an adapted English National Curriculum and progresses through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) in Primary School, through I/GCSE in Middle School, and culminates with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Senior School.

In addition to the regular academic programme, BWA also provides opportunities for students to participate in a number of clubs and extracurricular activities to extend and enrich a wide variety of student interests in fun ways. Opportunities exist for students to join a number of sports teams, participate in music or drama, engage in cultural activities, as well as participate in a number of other great clubs and activities that allow students to learn new skills or develop existing ones.

Thank you for considering Bateen World Academy and visiting our website. However, the best way to get to know us is to visit us. We invite you to come to our campus and explore all that we have to offer. Please contact our friendly admissions office to make an appointment.
We look forward to seeing you at BWA soon!

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Year Group School Fees Per Annum (in AED)* Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Registration Fee
FS 2 58,090 23,236 17,427 17,427 2,000
Year 1 – Year 6 61,000 24,400 18,300 18,300 2,000
Year 7 – Year 8 62,520 25,008 18,756 18,756 2,000
Year 9 67,030 26,812 20,109 20,109 2,000
Year 10 – Year 11 70,420 28,168 21,126 21,126 2,000
Year 12 – Year 13 73,380 29,352 22,014 22,014 2,000

* To view the fee policy please click here.
* Tuition Fees do not include uniform, food services, transport, examination fees or extra-curricular activities outside school hours.




We teach the Primary Years Programme, the English National Curriculum, with additional lessons in Arabic Language, UAE Social Studies, Moral Education and Islamic Studies (for our Muslim students) to meet the requirements of the UAE Ministry of Education.

In our Senior School we teach the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Our students consistently outperform their UK and global counterparts in their GCSE and IBDP results and we are immensely proud of their success. 

All IGCSE Grades 9% 8%+
Bateen World Academy 2023 14% 29% 45% 63% 78% 88%
UK National Average 2023 4.9% 12% 21.6% 35.6% 52.2% 67.8%

In our IBDP 2020 results, we scored significantly above the World Average with an Average Points Score of 32. Additionally, 96% of students achieved the IB Diploma, a record-breaking school performance.

School 2023
Bateen World Academy 33.0
World Average 30.24
Percentage of students achieving diploma 95%
World Average 79%

University Statistics – 2023

  • 50% of Y13 students were accepted into the top 200 Universities in the world.
  • 20% of Y13 students were accepted into the top 50 Universities in the world.

Bateen World Academy is located at the heart of Abu Dhabi city and is one of the most spectacular looking schools in the world. The school has state of the art, modern facilities to support learning including an indoor swimming pool, full size Astroturf football pitch, ICT labs, Art and ceramics rooms, dance and drama studios, science laboratories and many more specialist learning areas. 

Bateen World Academy opened its doors in 2011 and has been on an incredible journey in a short space of time. The school has grown significantly from its starting point, providing innovative and engaging learning opportunities for students from FS2 to year 13. We are a non-selective international school in Abu Dhabi providing holistic education to local and expatriate children. Our goal is to inspire all children to have a passion and love of learning. The student body is represented by over sixty different nationalities, making the school a vibrant and exciting International school where respect and collaboration are promoted on a daily basis.


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